A day in Havana

We wake up in Havana December 22, 2010. We are happy to be with our family and had planned our day to run some errands and later in the afternoon visit the “Acuario Nacional” (National Aquarium).

My Dad's 1952 chevy

My Dad's 1952 chevy

We get into my father’s car, a 1952 Chevy. The car looks pretty good and it runs, not well, but it did get us to our first destination. When I sat in the car I was jocking with my father and my wife when I commented  “this car works cause he sees the other cars around him moving….” my father was struggling to put the shift stick in gears.  We were kidding with him and had lots of fun taking a ride to the bank to exchange our travelers checks.

After the bank transaction we were ready to go back home however our 1952 Chevy had other plans, it decided to stop. “The car won’t start” my father told me and open the hood of the car to try to figure out why.  Pretty soon two men were there next to the car willing to give their help and opinions on what was wrong with the car.

In Cuba you will find many people who know how to repair these old american cars very well. Is really amazing with how little they have how they keep them running.

Our 1952 Chevy In Havana

Our 1952 Chevy In Havana

“The battery is new ” he said and I was intrigue by the battery. I asked him is this a homemade battey? “yes” – he said “a friend of my makes them at home and sells them for $65 CUC (about $68 dollars) and since the ones the goverment sells are $85 CUC I save some money”

I took a picture of this home made battery for you to see how they manage to resolve their problems with ingenuity.

Home Made Cuban Car Battery

 At the end we had to tow the car back to the house by giving $10 CUC to a state truck driver who passed by.

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