Anthony Bourdain Cuba. No reservations in Cuba

I love the travel channel and I enjoy Anthony’s Bourdain show called no reservations.  Today they airing the show filmed in CUBA! I won’t miss this one!  I’m sure Anthony’s humor and unique food reviews will give Cuban Food justice!

See the Anthony Bourdain Cuba show previews here:

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  1. B Smith July 16, 2011 at 3:59 pm # Reply

    I enjoyed AB’s take on this wonderful country. I wish he would have spent a little less time on baseball, and
    spent more time on son and salsa music. Also a trip to the Cuban countryside would have been appreciated.
    I just finished reading ‘Bacardi and the Long Fight for Cuba’, so naturally I’m not excited about Havana Club
    rum, which he drank throughout. Overall, it wetted my appetite to someday travel Cuba, and hope the future
    will be brighter for her.

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