Beach Family portrait with linen shirts and guayaberas

Customer Testimonial

” I knew a few months ago we were going to the beach and wanted to do beach portraits..but this I wanted to take our pictures in color instead of the white that we always do..and I looked everywhere online for nice linen shirts. I couldn’t find any I liked..and then I ran across your website when I searched for guayabera …. And I LOVED what I saw..and that I could get each of the guys an identical shirt or at least the same color. It worked out perfectly!!

Click on the pictures to see the linen shirts Desiree choose 

(c) Photography by:  Yolanda Addison – – 504-717-1941

It did take me a while to find your site..It wasn’t one of the first ones that came up when I googled ‘linen’.. that was a few months ago, so maybe that’s changed now..

We thought the quality was amazing.. and just loved the shirts so much!! I do feel like the color was incorrectly labeled though. It’s not really turquoise…. But it worked out great, and we loved them!!!!  We were visiting St. Andrews St. Park in Panama City Beach, Florida when we took these.

We thought the quality was amazing..

We will definitely purchase from you again!!  I am so glad I found your site!!

Thank you so much,

Desiree, Dallas, Tx. “

About Alexis M.

Alexis Martin has more than 12 years of experience in the Guayabera Shirt business. In December 18 2002 Alexis founded an internet store for selling Cuban memorabilia from the pre-Castro era, customers began to inquire about the guayabera shirts and a new business concept was born. became a manufacturer and supplier of guayabera shirts online. Google+
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