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Top 5 Caribbean Paradises For Retirees And Millionaires

Caribbean Paradise

You’ve worked hard all your life, you’re ready to retire, and you’re rich. Like, really, really rich. Millionaire rich. You’re one of the smart ones who put pennies away, saving not for a rainy day, but for a sunny retirement in one of the most beautiful places in the world, The Caribbean. So, where do […]

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Looking for a Pure White guayabera shirt or white guayaberas.

Short Sleeve White Guayabera

Throughout the years I had many customers looking for the traditional pure white guayabera shirt. Why white you may think? The Guayaberas are known for their comfort and their freshness in the tropical climates like Cuba or the Caribbean. Traditionally the guayabera shirts are made of linen and what better color to keep the shirt […]

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