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Another Cuban Business: stove top pizza

Imagine for a second you live in front of the police station and making pizza as a business is illegal. Welcome to the day to day live of a Cuban business man. Note: This story is from the time this was an illegal business now days I heard these type of business are allowed although […]

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Cuban home electric meter

On my last visit to Cuba I took this picture of an electric meter inside a house in Havana, the owner of the house confesed to me that due to the high energy prices the goverment charges they have to create these “inventions” to steal electricity from the goverment. So they hire the same goverment […]

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Cuban home made Micro-hydroelectric

Cuban Micro hydroelectric

On my past blog about Cuban ingenuity I talked about how my uncle Jesus creates tools to make furniture and then creates beautiful furniture with those tools.  Today, I want to share with you his video that represents the same survival and inventive spirit you will find in the Cuban people today. What would you […]

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Jesus is a carpenter in Cuba.

Last time I visited Cuba I was impressed by the resilience of the cuban people. Everyone there has a way to make money outside of  the government boundaries.  My friend Alberto taught himself how to make pizza, Vladimir sells hand crafted goods to tourists, and  Robertico (an old communist leader) sells peanut nougats and other sweets. […]

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