Cuban made catamaran to cross the Straight of Florida.

This past weekend I spend a day a house in stillsvile; this is one of seven houses located on the water near Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida. I’m a Boy Scout assistant scout master for troop 811 in Miami, Florida, the boys loved the house, they were having fun in the water and fishing all day. The hosts at the house were very supporting and generous with us by lending their facility to the boys and teaching them about a piece of Miami history.

On Saturday afternoon one of the fishing boats returned from his fishing trip with a raft they found at sea, the raft was floating without any people inside, however it had a US coast guard sticker that read OK and the date may 10, 2012. We assumed the people on the raft were pickup by the cost guard and send back to Cuba. This makeshift boat was very well made it had the shape of a catamaran with two Styrofoam beans on each side a wooden platform and a sail; we found inside a bag of crackers, bread and can food. It looked similar to Hobbie cat catamaran.


We towed the craft to Miami and we re now calling a local museum to see if they want to take it into their collection if not the craft could also be displayed at a local fish restaurant, either way it will not be destroy it.

What stroked me most is the fact that this raft reassembles the one on which I left Cuba 18 years ago, so soon after the raft was brought in I found myself telling my story again to people and answering questions about what goes thru your mind when you risk your life and throw yourself into uncertainty.

I was a young man in 1994 and at the age of 24 I was old in the conviction that communist system was not for me, so I did the only thing I could think of doing leaving the country in any way possible. All it took for me to do this was the simple knowledge that freedom was worth the risk. Someone asked me if I would do it again knowing all the trouble I went thru and I responded yes I’m a free man and will always be one. We are all lucky to live in this great country and I myself am for ever grateful!

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3 Responses to “Cuban made catamaran to cross the Straight of Florida.”

  1. Alina May 23, 2012 at 1:43 pm # Reply

    Cubans love catamarans!

  2. Griffgator May 25, 2012 at 12:27 am # Reply

    So many times we Americans take freedom for granted. We need to experience at least once the hardships non free people have to endure. On this Memorial weekend, we need to not only take time & pay homage to those that fought & died for our rights/freedoms.
    Let us also pay homage to those who fought & died attempting to bring freedom to others Aside from Americans. Jose Marti and The Titan of Bronze to name a few!

    • Alexis M. May 25, 2012 at 3:26 pm # Reply

      I agree 100%! Our freedoms allow us to correct what we think is wrong, simply becuase taking about what is wrong does not make you an enemy of the goberment.

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