Cuban Pastelitos (Cuban pastries) delivered from Miami.

My Cuban Store is excited to introduce fresh Gourmet Cuban baked goods. Cuban pastries  or “Pastelitos”, have become a staple finger food of the South Florida community. Pastelitos are “puff pastries” which consist of thin crispy layers of crust and they are filled with rich fruit preserves, meats or cheeses.

The outer crust is extra crispy and glazed with a sugar coating that adds a delectable texture to the pastry. At almost every social gathering, you will find a series of snack trays filled with assorted varieties of these gourmet delights.

Cuban Pastelitos


“Pastelitos de guayaba” (guava pastries) are among the more popular flavors, although the coconut filling as well as the cheese varieties also get a lot of well deserved attention. These pastries are rich, flavorful and easy to become addicted to; this is the type of snack that you will think about days after you have tried it, wishing that you had more.

Here in Miami, Pastelitos are a big rival to the doughnut; you can drive down any main road and find Cuban window cafeterias a few blocks away from each other and all of them serve these amazing on-the-go snacks paired up with Cuban coffee. We know that it is difficult to find these delicious pastries outside of South Florida that is why we decided to share them with the world. Order them here!



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2 Responses to “Cuban Pastelitos (Cuban pastries) delivered from Miami.”

  1. Jasmine Valery October 25, 2012 at 6:01 pm # Reply

    Good Evening , My Name Is Jasmine …… I Live In Atlanta Georgia Now Born & Raised In Miami Parents From Cuba. Really Missing Cuban Pastries Right About Now lol ……. Were Having A Christmas Function In Our Home First Week Of December Was Wondering If You All Deliver Here Atlanta Georgia Also Was Wondering The Cost For An Assortment Of 100 Pastelitos De Carne , Guava & Chesse Again All Together 100……. Thank You!~!!! Jasmine

    • alexismart October 26, 2012 at 9:57 am # Reply

      Hello Jasmine,

      Sure we can deliver these cuban pastelitos to Georgia or anywhere in the US. You can call us with the order one week before to make sure we can arrange this. We have a business relation with a Cuban bakery in Miami and we can deliver these pastelitos for you.

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