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Fried sweet plantains

Fried sweet plantains

Fried sweet plantains. They are everywhere! If you ever eaten in a Cuban restaurant you’ll notice these fried plantains offered as a side dish on almost every main course. These are sweet treats that will sure go very well with any Cuban dishes.  The sweet plantains are not fried bananas instead the plantains are a […]

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Cuban Flan Recipe

cuban flan

Cuban Flan Recipe. Cuban Flans are delicious deserts and a great way to end any Cuban meal. Flans are prepared with basic ingredients such as eggs, condense milk and evaporated milk. this Cuban dessert come out silky and smooth with a caramel crust to die for.  Ingredients: 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon water A few drops of […]

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Cuban ropa vieja recipe

Ropa Vieja

Cuban Ropa Vieja Ropa Vieja literally means old clothes, this is the name of this delicious recipe. This Cuban ropa vieja recipe is very easy to follow, I like to add boil the meat first with lots of water and later use this cooking liquid for cooking beans and soups as a meat stock. Ingredients: […]

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Cuban Croquettes Recipe – Croquetas Cubanas

cuban croquette

Cuban Croquettes Recipe These Cuban Croquettes are delicious finger foods served at parties or as an appetizer. Traditionally these Cuban Croquettes are fried you can experiment with the oven and might need to spray some oil on them if you want to try to bake them. The Cuba croquettes are served with crackers or as finger food at […]

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