First Night In Havana

After arriving at the Havana airport we took like 2 hours to get out of the airport. The procedures to inspect and pay the customs fees were cumbersome.  Imagen around 200 people each carrying like an average of 2 big tubular 70 pound each luggage.
People coming from Miami bring big bags full of things they know things are scarce or too expensive in Cuba.

I manage to bring a small air compressor and equipment to clean spark plugs for my dad who is hoping to start a business there cleaning spar plugs. Spark plugs are expensive in Cuba like any other car parts.

After paying a hefty amount for our overweight we got out of the airport and spend some time hugging and kissing my mom and dad. We put all luggage into a 1960’s VW van and go on our way to my cousin’s house in Miramar, Havana, a city near the ocean.  For those of us already used to traveling in the US every street in Cuba seems really small.  Even the distances were small, to get from one point to another in the city seem really fast. 

House with Cuban Flag In Hanava

House with Cuban Flag In Hanava

We arrived at our cousing house in the Miramar section of Havana an area with pretty houses from the 50’s. The streets are in really bad shape, only the main avenues like the one on the above picture are a little better.

The neiborhood streets are full of potholes. I questioned how come there seem to be a pattern of holes in front of houses? They explained people fix their own water connections to the main supply line underneath their street.

neighborhood street potholes

neighborhood street potholes

“So if you need more water you pay a crew who comes at night opens a whole on the street and connects you to the main line is that simple. Of course all of this is paid with hard currency (dollars) and is illegal but nobody cares and you fixed your problem.”

We stayed that night at my cousins house talking and enjoying a really good time with our family.

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