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Guayabera 33186 for your school.

Looking for a guayabera 33186? Visit us to find your guayabera 33186 located right here in Kendall, Fl 33186 We are exited to have our guayabera shirts for kids and guayabera dresses for girls featured at the BridgePrep Academy of Village Green school. this year they selected our shirts to be featured during the past Hispanic […]

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A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt

A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt This line of stripped guayabera shirts are hand made for us on a small family own factory in Ecuador. When we first dreamed of creating this line of guayabera shirts we did an extensive search to select a factory that will meet high quality standards and workmanship. We were […]

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Your Luckiest Guayabera Color for today.

Did you know in the Thai and Khmer culture traditions  there is a color for each day of the week? They do and these are called the Colors of the day in Thailand.  Based on these colors we put together a collection of guayabera shirts on each of the luckiest color for each day of […]

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See Inside our Guayaberas 33186 Showroom

Guayaberas 33186 Showroom For the past 12 years have been manufacturing, distributing and retailing guayaberas all over the world. Our warehouse/Showroom is located in 12188 sw 131 ave Miami, Fl 33186, we ship everywhere but if you are in the Kendall area looking for a guayabera or tropical hat come by during regular business […]

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French Cuffs Guayabera shirts

Cufflink on guayabera

Traditionally the Guayabera shirts had the regular Barrel Cuff found on most long sleeve shirts. These type of cuffs are very practical for every day wear, most people will be familiar with the Guayaberas using these “regular” cuffs. However the Guayabera shirts have evolved to be more of an fashion shirt over the past years, […]

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How to buy a guayabera shirt?

A guide to selecting your favorite Guayabera. We know we like the shirt but it’s hard to choose a type of fabric or the style one should wear. Like any other piece of clothing the Guayaberas should be bought with their final use in mind. After all it is not the same to be on […]

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What is a Guayabera Shirt?

A Guayaberas is a tropical shirt worn by Men and Women alike. The shirt is worn un-tucked. The guayabera relaxed style makes it a unique type of shirt that tends to fit rather loose, with a boxy cut for comfort. A guayabera is not just a shirt. You can expectt this shirt to be the […]

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The Right Guayabera.

The Guayabera or Mexican Wedding shirt is always the ideal shirt for a beach, tropical, destination or outdoor wedding. Linen is the preferred fabric and the best fabric for the Guayabera because of its ability to absorb the heat. The right Guayabera can be a long or short sleeve linen one. The long sleeve Guayabera […]

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Should I have an authentic guayaberas custom made?

When looking for a an Authentic Cuban Guayabera Shirt is not necessary to have it custom made. What we will do for you is get the measurements, color and fabric of choice, and we will most likely find you a perfect authentic Guayabera. If the Guayabera is in stock and depending of the location where […]

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What in the world is a Mexican wedding shirt?

The term Mexican wedding shirt refers to a Guayabera shirt, they are basically the same style of shirts. The popularity of the Mexican weddings shirts in the USA is due the proximity of our southern neighbor. In the pasts decades many couples from the USA had traveled to Mexico to get married and in the […]

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