How do I choose my destination Weddings Colors

Destination wedding Colors

Destination wedding Colors


Choosing your Destination Wedding Color Theme.

The most popular method for selecting a color is finding one that complements the
brides wedding dress.  Many times the colors are selected to match the bride but other popular combinations exist; for example, if the bride’s dress is white and the groom does not want to match in white, a popular choice is ivory, natural, beige, etc. 

The groom also often matches colors with his groomsmen or may wear the same style as the groomsmen but in a different color.  The groomsmen may also wear a color to match or complement the bride’s maids.  Of course, there are many options and possible combinations that could be based around the theme of the wedding. 

Wedding planners or organizers also have a lot to do with the choice of color.  For instance, some of our customers choose colors based on the wedding favors, decorations or invitations chosen for the ceremony.  The possibilities are endless, that is why we have such a wide variety of colors available:

White, Ivory, Natural (Tan), Light Beige, Yellow, Lavender (Soft Purple), Light Blue, Turquoise Blue, Light Sage (Soft Green), Cantaloupe, Orange, Burgundy, Snorkel Blue (Royal Blue), Chocolate (Deep Brown) and Black among many other variations of these.
You can shop by colors.

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