How to buy a guayabera shirt?

A guide to selecting your favorite Guayabera. We know we like the shirt but it’s hard to choose a type of fabric or the style one should wear.

Like any other piece of clothing the Guayaberas should be bought with their final use in mind. After all it is not the same to be on a Caribbean beach on a summer afternoon or a night event in the north of the border. While traditional styles are made of 100% linen, there are other fabrics and blends that are also very practical and comfortable.

he following is a suggestion of fabrics and styles to wear depending on the use or type of event.

100% linen or Linen blends Guayaberas.
Great for tropical weather, light weight, Super fresh and elegant. Traditional Shirts for special events in the Caribbean and other Latin American countries. Makes an authentic gift and is the perfect destination wedding shirt. Recommended to be worn with linen pants.

100% Cotton Guayaberas.
Nice looking shirts, versatile, light weight and fresh. Take these shirts with you when traveling to Latin America or the Caribbean. Great for cruises, easy wear. Looks good even with jeans.

Poly/cotton Blends Guayaberas.
Wear them as day to day shirts, good as uniforms or in lieu of a t-shirt. Great shirts for a convention, family reunions, tradeshows or or any other event. These shirts are conform table, affordable and easy to care.

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About Alexis M.

Alexis Martin has more than 12 years of experience in the Guayabera Shirt business. In December 18 2002 Alexis founded an internet store for selling Cuban memorabilia from the pre-Castro era, customers began to inquire about the guayabera shirts and a new business concept was born. became a manufacturer and supplier of guayabera shirts online. Google+
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