May 20 Cuba’s Independence Day.

On May 20, 1902 the republic of Cuba was created.  However, under the Cuban constitution, the US kept the right to supervise finances and other affairs in Cuba; this was known as the Platt amendment.  Don Tomas Estrada Palma (1835-1908) became the first president of Cuba.  He managed to sign important agreements with the United States; some of these agreements gave Cuban products special treatment in the US and he also established the leasing of the US base in Guantanamo Bay.

The United States has played a big role not only in Cuban culture but also in politics.  By 1905, the Cuban government was plagued with corruption and after an uprising, Mr. Estrada Palma personally appealed to the United Sates for an intervention in Cuba.  By 1906, Cubans had a US governor an intervention that lasted until 1909.

During the first 50 years the Republic of Cuba was under constant political unrest; yet, Cuba was a place were immigrants wanted to live to make their dreams come true, just like the US. During this time many immigrants from all over the world came to Cuba.

Our young republic managed to change the face of Havana with a modern and classic look.  Most of the of the biggest buildings and public works you see in Cuba today were created between 1909 and 1959.  I will dedicate one special post to all these projects soon.

Today I want to feature the “Palacio Presidencial” or Presidential Palace, designed by a Cuban architect and a Belgian architect.  This building features Neo-Classical elements and it was decorated by Tiffany & Co. of New York.  Its construction was finished on 1920.

Presidential Palace (1920 – 1959). Today is The Revolution museum

Presidential Palace (1920 – 1959). Today is The Revolution museum

The Cuban presidential palace served as home to Cuban presidents from 1920 until the revolution in 1959.  The palace was then converted into a museum celebrating the Castro revolution.

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  1. Adamsarn May 17, 2011 at 12:41 am # Reply

    Dear Alex, i am an American Citizen who is a client of your store. When I went to Miami High Schoolmy first Cuban girlfriend was Nilda Estrada Palma Ros Gran daughter of Estrada Palma or maybe great grand daughter… Call me I have some very interesting stories  about your beloved Cuba . My wife’s family in exile founded the Suave Shoe Corporation.. My telephone number is 305-962-7483.. 

  2. Pablosrojas May 17, 2011 at 1:21 am # Reply

     Gracias por este pedazo de historia. hace 2 anos estuve en un magnifico palacio casi frente al capitolio pasando un parque. Esta maravilla, a donde esta localizada.
    gracias.  Pablo Rojas

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