Mesa de Domino Cubano. Cuban Dominoes Table

A Cuban Dominoes’ Table?….. It’s a table specifically used to play the game of Dominoes.

Ok. … What is the Dominoe game?. Well, there’s a variety in the game of dominoes. The Cuban Dominoes, which goes from 0 to 9 and it has 55 tiles and the regular domino game is from 0 to 6 and it has 28 tiles. There are Dominoes tournaments all over the world and nowadays you can even play in the web. Now, the Cuban Dominoes table is a table particularly to be used for playing the game. Because the game is played with four or sometimes two players, the dominoes table is the perfect foundation for the perfect game.

Mesa de Domino Cubano. Cuban Domino table

Mesa de Domino Cubano. Cuban Domino table


The Dominoes table is square and it has four cup holders in each corner, for you’re a drink. It also has in each side an indentation so you can put the tiles standing up so your opponent cannot see your pieces. Some are available with pull out legs for easy storage or folding legs for easy storage and setting. Many styles and designs are now offered for the Cuban Dominoes Table. Some are plain and some have a variety of Cuban history motifs and landscaping designs.

Deluxe Folding Domino Table

Deluxe Folding Domino Table

The Cuban Dominoes table can sometimes be used to play card games like canasta or another game call the liars game which is played with dices. You can give it many uses or just have it set up and ready to go in your game room for your next game of Dominoes.

The foldable style of the Cuban Dominoes is very popular because is easy to set up and take apart, and you can also take along with you to a friends house or to the beach or outdoor festive events.

Imagine, it’s Friday night and your hubby tells you that his friends are coming over for a game of Dominoes. Ok, no problem you take out the domino folding table set it up in the patio and you have the living room all for yourself. No need to move furniture around in the family room or the dining table. Cuban Dominoes table is kind of a tradition to have within the Cuban culture, especially if you are a serious player.

Cuban Dominoes foldable table can easily be store away in the garage, walk-in pantry, under your bed or behind any large piece of furniture because it folds flat and is not bulky. And, one main quality is that they can be very affordable depending on the style you decide to get.

These Cuban Dominoes tables make great gifts for any occasion, and if you decide to start playing the game, it probably is a good idea to invest in a Cuban Domino table.

Available in a variety of and design styles and materials the Dominoes table can now be part of many households that enjoy the game of dominoes.

Light Weight Portable Domino Table

Light Weight Portable Domino Table

Go ahead, go shopping and surprise your Dominoes player partner with a wonderful and very affordable Cuban dominoes table, they will not only love you for it, they will praise for it………Get them both the Cuban Dominoes’ Table and a Dominoes game and start enjoying this amazing game today.

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