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Balsero, Guayaberas y Telemundo

Balsero, Guayaberas y Telemundo I want to thanks Telemundo for the interview they will air today at 6:30 in their Spanish television news. 20 years ago on Wednesday August 31, 1994 I left Cuba on improvised boat from the Matanzas province in the central part of Cuba. We were 9 men with almost no provisions […]

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Thank you America and its founding Fathers.

4th of July represents the birth of this great nation and as immigrant I feel pride and a sense of belonging to my adopted home land.  Its been a long coming for me and every 4th of July I look back at my life and realize that no other place on earth would have offered […]

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Cuban made catamaran to cross the Straight of Florida.

Cuban home made catamaran

This past weekend I spend a day a house in stillsvile; this is one of seven houses located on the water near Biscayne Bay in Miami Florida. I’m a Boy Scout assistant scout master for troop 811 in Miami, Florida, the boys loved the house, they were having fun in the water and fishing all […]

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Balseros in Guantanamo bay, Cuba 1994-1995

Alexis Martin

Balseros in Guantanamo bay. On Monday September 5, 1994 I was rescued at sea together with a group of Cubans escaping from the island.  We spent the whole day on a coast guard cutter rescuing other rafters until our boat was full of people.  After the rescue the coast guard took us to a huge […]

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Cuban Business before and after.

I visited my cousin and he shared some stories with me about his father.  He pulled out an old photo album and showed me an old picture of himself in 1958 working at his dad’s business. The business was a small local cafeteria that served breakfast, coffee and sandwiches. He remembered how his dad used […]

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Guantanamo Bay 1994 – 1995

Guantanamo Bay 1994 Alexis Martin is a risk taker. In 1994, he and nine other Cubans left the island in an improvised boat, destination: the Florida. The 35-year-old Martin was born in a small country side town in Matanzas, Cuba. From 1986 to 1990, he studied computers and electronics in Havana. However, Martin dreamed of […]

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Cuba 1994

On august 1994 there was a popular rebellion in Habana known as El Maleconazo. See this Amateur Video: After the Soviet Union collapse and the end of the subsidies the Cuban Government find himself in a very difficult situation. Rationing were increased and it was hard to find food, the black market prices skyrocketed. The […]

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My Life in Cuba

I grew up in a normal Cuban family; my father was a member of the communist party as well as many of my family members. Me in the other hand always felt out of place. In the 80’s during my teenager years we were a “rebellious youth” listening to American music and not believing a […]

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