Can a Wedding dress be too heavy for a Beach, Destination Wedding?.

Wedding dresses for beach wedding should be more casual and simpler because the weather factor can influence your comfort and ease. If you have a gown or a dress that has too much ornamentation and would like to tone it down to suit the casual beach event, then may be you can have it altered to simplified the heavy feel of it. May be if it has a long train, it can be removed, or try making it a halter top style.

Also, try using a small tulle veil or none at all, that way the overall look and feel it’s not as heavy. May be a flower or small hair ornament will lessen the heaviness of the dr

Choosing the RIGHT Destination/Beach Wedding Dress.

Picking out the brides dress is one of the most difficult task, but don’t worry because for a destination or beach wedding the attire is more casual and relaxed. First, you need to figure out the color, white, off white, beige or pastels. Then the fabric and because destination and beach weddings are held in hot climate locations certain fabrics are recommended making the choice easier. Choose from Chiffon, Silk or Linen fabrics which are light, cooler and more comfortable for outdoor and warm weather climates.

Now, the fit and style will bring you the comfort ability you need, Heart shape strapless, halters, Spaghetti-straps or simple A-line dresses with low open back will be a lot cooler because of their simplicity in style, lighter fabrics and not much ornamentation. A simple tulle veil or a long light tulle one will be fine. May be you like some flowers or just a simple large flower as your hairpiece instead. Some brides like the long flow effect of the veil and some just preferred the short style. It’s a matter of personal choice.

Also, you might want to take into consideration the weather because if it’s windy the veil is going to go all over the face. But that’s not such a big deal because you can always clip it to the back of the dress. Again, DON’T WORRY! Relax and just think what color, fabric (silk, chiffon or linen), fit and style you will like. And, last but not least how comfortable you will like to feel and that comes in within the style you choose.