Matanzas Cuba a Magical Place for Music

I was born in Matanzas Cuba, a magical place for music. Our ancestors came from Spain and Africa and turned Matanzas in a cultural center for centuries. Matanzas had influence Cuban and world music in many ways. I remember as a child running to see the main drummers in my town fiestas, from an early […]

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“In the Heights” Embroidered Guayabera Shirt Back in Stock

"In the heights" Guayabera

As is often the case when a theater production becomes a runaway success, theater-goers have been clamoring for fashion items seen on the In the Heights stage. The embroidered Guayabera shirts became so popular that they quickly sold out and were hard to find. We’re happy to announce that we now have these popular shirts […]

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I needed the guayabera shirt urgently you managed to ship on time.

Short Sleeve White guayabera

Customer Testimonial Alexis, Thank you for providing me with a quality product also one of the items that I originally purchased for my planned vacation was placed on back order yet after receiving a call from me expressing the fact that I needed the guayabera shirt urgently you managed to ship it to me just […]

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Top 5 Caribbean Paradises For Retirees And Millionaires

Caribbean Paradise

You’ve worked hard all your life, you’re ready to retire, and you’re rich. Like, really, really rich. Millionaire rich. You’re one of the smart ones who put pennies away, saving not for a rainy day, but for a sunny retirement in one of the most beautiful places in the world, The Caribbean. So, where do […]

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Royal Violets by Agustin Reyes

Viloets Perfume

For more than 80 years Agustin Reyes Royal Violets could very well be called the cologne of the Cuban people.  Since childhood Cubans have enjoyed this refreshing cologne. Like many of our ancestors the Agustin Reyes story is born with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Agustin Francisco Reyes created his company on December 6 1927 […]

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Cuban Robin Hood. Guayabera shirts and bandits, Cuba in the 1800′s.

The guayabera shirt has a rich, colorful and even dangerous history as the fashion of choice for notorious Cuban bandits.

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Havana Street Food: What To Expect When Eating In Cuba

While on vacation, one of the most interesting elements of visiting a new culture is learning about how the locals enjoy everyday pleasures, and the leisure activities and daily habits that make their culture unique. To get a real flavor of the local culture, many tourists focus on exploring the traditional food in the area. […]

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Fried sweet plantains

Fried sweet plantains

Fried sweet plantains. They are everywhere! If you ever eaten in a Cuban restaurant you’ll notice these fried plantains offered as a side dish on almost every main course. These are sweet treats that will sure go very well with any Cuban dishes.  The sweet plantains are not fried bananas instead the plantains are a […]

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El Palacio de Valle

El Palacio de Valle Located in Punta Gorda, in the city of Cienfuegos El Palacio de Valle is a gorgeous palace reminiscent of Spanish-Moorish art with influences of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Mudejar arts. The palace used to belong to Don Acisclo del Valle, owner of several plantations in the Cienfuegos city area. The palace was […]

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Good-bye Pines And Chipmunks, Hello Palms And Iguanas!

Turn your wedding day from drab into fab by shuffling your wedding party into an airplane and heading for lusciously tropical Key West, Florida. While the rhododendrons at the neighborhood church sure do look beautiful in bloom, no mainland flora and fauna can compare to the exotic offerings found in the Florida Keys! Key West […]

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