Google self driving car video.

The latest chapter for the self-driving car: mastering city street driving

We all heard of the Google Self Driving car here is a video to show you how they are doing as of today. Enjoy this Google self driving car video.  

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Dog Wants to trade toy for Breakfast!

Dog wants to trade toy for breakfast
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A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt

A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt This line of stripped guayabera shirts are hand made for us on a small family own factory in Ecuador. When we first dreamed of creating this line of guayabera shirts we did an extensive search to select a factory that will meet high quality standards and workmanship. We were […]

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Your Luckiest Guayabera Color for today.

Did you know in the Thai and Khmer culture traditions  there is a color for each day of the week? They do and these are called the Colors of the day in Thailand.  Based on these colors we put together a collection of guayabera shirts on each of the luckiest color for each day of […]

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Nat King Cole – Cachito

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A kid’s Guayabera Hispanic heritage month.

Hispanic heritage month kid's shirt

This week we are getting calls from parents from all over the country looking for a special shirt for their kids for Hispanic heritage month. Hispanic heritage month have been celebrated since 1968 the observance goes from September 15 thru October 15 each year. This special period celebrates the history and cultures of Lain American […]

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Fishing Guayabera shirt. Can you name this fish?

Mr. Kohlbry Guayabera Fishing

Customer Testimonial Our dear customer from California Mr. Kohlbry shared this great picture of him fishing with his white poly-cotton guayabera shirt, not sure if this impacted his luck but you never know.  By the way he said “…Sure is an ugly critter, ain’t it. Pretty homely fish, too!.. , that wasn’t an especially large one — they […]

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Beach Chic Attire shirts.

Beach Chic Attire shirt New line of beach chic attire shirts. Tropically simple elegance with these Cruise shirts in long and short sleeve. Collins ave two pockets light blue Beach Chic Attire shirt: Made of Gaufre Seersucker Cotton Blend. Walk thru Collins Avenue in Miami Beach wearing these beautiful tropical shirts, they are light and […]

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Balsero, Guayaberas y Telemundo

Balsero, Guayaberas y Telemundo I want to thanks Telemundo for the interview they will air today at 6:30 in their Spanish television news. 20 years ago on Wednesday August 31, 1994 I left Cuba on improvised boat from the Matanzas province in the central part of Cuba. We were 9 men with almost no provisions […]

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The Havana Motor Club

The Havana Motor Club Classic American hot rods cars drag racing on the streets of Havana. HAVANA MOTOR CLUB is a documentary featuring the underground drag racing community in Cuba and how they are able for the first time since the revolution to enjoy their hobby. The film exposes the personal story of different characters […]

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