Guayabera 33186 for your school.

Looking for a guayabera 33186? Visit us to find your guayabera 33186 located right here in Kendall, Fl 33186 We are exited to have our guayabera shirts for kids and guayabera dresses for girls featured at the BridgePrep Academy of Village Green school. this year they selected our shirts to be featured during the past Hispanic […]

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Guayaberas at a Quinces celebration

Back in January our customer Mirna bought some guayaberas from us, they were meant to be used for a Quince celebration. The order was sent on time however incredible enough their order was lost! Mirna called us to ask us what to do next? We immediately when into action and sent her a second order, […]

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Felicidades Gustabo! A guayabera shirt celebration.

Gustabo's Birthday

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. (Un padre vale por cien maestros) George Herbert Gustavo Adolfo Ugarte was born in 1935 in Nicaragua. His family honored him throwing a guayabera party, abuelo Gustabo had always fashioned guayaberas, so the family came with this idea, they ordered guayaberas from and celebrated his 80 years […]

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Cuban jazz Music in America.

cuban Jazz Clave

“En Clave” Dcumentary directed by PBS directed by Natasha Estebanez and Ruben Blades as guest in 1992. The documentary shows the Cuban music universe and the influence of Afro-cuban Rhythms like  Cuban Rumba and its influence in the north american jazz.

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MyCubanStore Video Commercial

Video created to promote displaying some of our items including the guayabera shirts, guayaberas, women guayaberas, kids guayaberas, panama hats and fedora hats.

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Google self driving car video.

The latest chapter for the self-driving car: mastering city street driving

We all heard of the Google Self Driving car here is a video to show you how they are doing as of today. Enjoy this Google self driving car video.  

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Dog Wants to trade toy for Breakfast!

Dog wants to trade toy for breakfast
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A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt

A Different kind of Guayabera Shirt This line of stripped guayabera shirts are hand made for us on a small family own factory in Ecuador. When we first dreamed of creating this line of guayabera shirts we did an extensive search to select a factory that will meet high quality standards and workmanship. We were […]

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Your Luckiest Guayabera Color for today.

Did you know in the Thai and Khmer culture traditions  there is a color for each day of the week? They do and these are called the Colors of the day in Thailand.  Based on these colors we put together a collection of guayabera shirts on each of the luckiest color for each day of […]

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Nat King Cole – Cachito

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