Three grandchildren in guayaberas. Kids guayabera shirts.

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Guayabera shirt for kids.

Guayabera shirt for kids.

Dear Alexis,

 Here is a photo my son sent me of my three grandchildren.  As you can see, the guayaberas fit perfectly!  Thank you so much for working with me to get just the right fit.  I must say the tops are beautiful.  I LOVE the light blue one!  Please thank Mario as well.  He was most helpful in going back and forth to find out what you had in stock, etc.  You should be proud to have such a wonderful helper working with you! J 

 Thanks again!

Eva Liehr from Panamá


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About Alexis M.

Alexis Martin has more than 12 years of experience in the Guayabera Shirt business. In December 18 2002 Alexis founded an internet store for selling Cuban memorabilia from the pre-Castro era, customers began to inquire about the guayabera shirts and a new business concept was born. became a manufacturer and supplier of guayabera shirts online. Google+

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  1. Canela September 20, 2011 at 10:22 pm # Reply

    I order two long sleeve guayaveras for my sons and they are beautiful.  It’s for a formal birthday party and i can assure you they will be a big hit! Thank you for the great experience; will recommend your site to my family and friends .

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