Can a Wedding dress be too heavy for a Beach, Destination Wedding?.

Wedding dresses for beach wedding should be more casual and simpler because the weather factor can influence your comfort and ease. If you have a gown or a dress that has too much ornamentation and would like to tone it down to suit the casual beach event, then may be you can have it altered to simplified the heavy feel of it. May be if it has a long train, it can be removed, or try making it a halter top style.

Also, try using a small tulle veil or none at all, that way the overall look and feel it’s not as heavy. May be a flower or small hair ornament will lessen the heaviness of the dr

Where, When and the Weather?

The location is the first thing you want to select because from there you will figure out the budget allotment. Also, the weather factor is of concern because some places in the Caribbean in the summer time are more susceptible to hard weather and the hurricane season. How many guess, the travel cost for your guest, the amount of days you will be abroad, the ceremony, the reception, the catering, the wedding attire? Being so far away can a bit concern for most of us, but with a little preparation, organization and research you can create and have the best beach wedding ever.

Most hotels have wedding planner ready to assist you with all your requirements and concerns. From the wedding cake, flowers, decorations to the last minute details. First, sit down and write a list of your concerns and things you will like to have and see done in your wedding. Research the location. Find out how many guest you will to invite.

Then contact and surf the web for resorts where to have your event. Then you will need to fly there to arrange things and see for yourself how the place is and more or less have an idea of how things will be developing as you communicate with the wedding planner.

Mexico, the Caribbean and the islands are all very popular for beach and destination weddings. Depending where you live you might want to choose a location that’s relatively closer and less travel costly. If weather is of a big concern then Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are very affordable locations and they sit below the hurricane belt, which means that you are less likely to encounter real bad weather or hurricanes. Of course, there are many other beautiful tropical places to choose from. The Florida key and the east coast of Florida is full of romantic and ideal locations for such special events. With a little research you will be saying “I Do” in no time in that special tropical location.