What in the world is a Mexican wedding shirt?

100% Linen Mexican Wedding Shirt

100% Linen Mexican Wedding Shirt

The term Mexican wedding shirt refers to a Guayabera shirt, they are basically the same style of shirts.

The popularity of the Mexican weddings shirts in the USA is due the proximity of our southern neighbor. In the pasts decades many couples from the USA had traveled to Mexico to get married and in the process they had discovered this elegant shirt. Calling it Mexican wedding shirt rather than calling it by its very unique and some times hard to pronounce Guayabera shirt.

Mexican wedding shirts and their regional flavors.

The Mexican wedding shirts many times tend to display ethnic colors and designs including embroidery and distribution of the pockets, however the more traditional shirts are just the four pockets 100% linen Guayaberas with the pleated rows on front and back.

A Mexican wedding shirt like a guayabera features some of these basic elements: two pleated rows on the front each of these pleats is a tiny line of fabric swan very small and tight next to one another you will find these pleats in rows in the front of the shirt and in the back of the shirt. Most styles will feature at least two rows in the front plus four pockets and two to three rows of pleats in the back of the shirt. In addition to these the shirt also includes special shapes on the top and the bottom were the pleated row starts and ends. 

The Mexican wedding shirt or guayabera shirts are now days more popular than ever since more and more couple are using this special shirt to get marry in beautiful destination or beach weddings.

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