July 27

Another Cuban Business: stove top pizza


Another Cuban Business: stove top pizza | MyCubanStore

Imagine for a second you live in front of the police station and making pizza as a business is illegal. Welcome to the day to day live of a Cuban business man.

Note: This story is from the time this was an illegal business now days I heard these type of business are allowed although they do have to pay hefty prices for their licenses.

I can’t tell you his name, he is a good friend and he makes pizza for living lets just call him Alberto. He creates around 200 pizza pies per day and with that he takes care of his family of three. Alberto wakes up really early to pick up an order of home made cheese for his pizzas; he comes home and starts to work on his pizza production.

Alberto does not own an oven, its too risky to have a big fixed structure for his business, instead he has a gas range with two front burners and two electric burners he uses to make his homemade pizzas. He starts by placing the dough he previously created and let rise in these pizza making molds, (they are like sauté pans without a handle). After that he spread his home made sauce and some of the cheese and places the pizza pans in the stove top at very low heat.

Today in Cuba everyone have a business legal or illegal and there is no wholesale market in place to provide those businesses with the goods they need. Businessmen like Alberto have to deal in the black market by buying a few supplies on the government stores so that way they have receive to show for and the bulk of what they need is bought in the black market. The black market is feed by the administrators and government workers so many times you will find a item in a goberment store for $5 dollars and in the black market you will buy it for less.

When the pizza is done is packed and carried around town in his bicycle where his customers are waiting to buy the pizza from him.  Alberto dreams of emigrating or like he said “go some where but here” his frustrations are a reflexion of the many necessities Cubans have to endure to make ends meet.


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