Cuban Elvis Presley

Cuba is known for its rich culture and traditions.  Needless to say, the guayabera is a great example of a Cuban staple and Cuban cuisine represents this nation’s diversity; even the Cuban coffee makes a bold statement about the uniqueness of this country.

Two very important elements of the Cuban culture are Cuban music and Baseball, the two national pass-times that ex-Dodgers Pitcher and now musician Hal Caveda has made his own.  Being a Cuban exile, Hal has remained tied to his Cuban roots; after his baseball career pitching for the L.A. Dodgers he explored his passion for Cuban music and married it to his admiration of Elvis Presley.  Caveda has created a musical project that revives classic Elvis hits with a Cuban beat.

He does a great job imitating the rock n’ roll legend and incorporates Cuban rhythms while maintaining the original melodies.  You can see a sample of his music by clicking on the video below.

Cuban culture is deep rooted in Afro-Cuban and Spanish origins.  Cuban music is a reflection of this cultural fusion but at the same time, artists such as Caveda demonstrate the Cuban people’s openness to accept the influence of other cultures.


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