April 15

Mens beach wedding attire. Mens destination wedding attire.

What does Men’s Beach Wedding Attire or Men’s Destination Wedding Attire have in common?… Well?……its clothing!….its style!, and the fact that this relaxed unconventional and untraditional wedding alternative has created a very comfortable fashion for men in destination or beach wedding parties and its guest too.

The clothing attire is very simple, casual yet elegant in its own style. Because the climate will more than likely be warm or hot, the best and fabric of choice is Linen. Why ?…because linen is a very good conductor of heat, and helps you keep cool and very comfortable. Start by selecting the color. More than likely it will be the neutral tones. White, Beige, Natural, Brown and very rarely Black.

I will help you choose a few combinations that will make it easy, proper and the perfect Men’s Beach or Destination Wedding Attire for yor next memorable event.

A Linen Suit- with a linen or poly-cotton short sleeves shirt and a pair of shoes or sandals. Remember this is an unconventional wedding, so yes sandals are perfectly ok. -PICTURE OF SUIT, SHIRT AND SANDAL. Examples follow. Pictures: Custom_Linen_suit, Item#: 4433 and Men’s Fisherman styled sandal Tan color or Tan Three Straps open toe slide men’s sandal.

A Pair of Linen pants with a drawstring waist or zippered down. The drawstring tend to be more relaxed and casual and comfortable. The zippered pants will always create a more traditional look. Select a long sleeves 100%Irish Linen (durable yet soft type of linen, consider one of the best). A pair of shoes or sandals. PICTURE OF LINEN PANTS- BOTH DRAWSTRING OF ZIPPERED, LINEN LONG SLEEVE SHIRT AND SHOES AND SANDALS. Examples follow. 100% Linen men’s drawstring linen pants or 100% Irish Linen Men’s’ Pants and Long Sleeve Guayabera for Men. 100% Superior Irish Linen ( this guayabera is available in neutral toens as well), Men’s Sandal Huarache t-strap tan color or White or Tan Three Straps open toe slide men’s sandal. Guys remember that this pictures below gives you an idea of what to match with what. If you need assistance you can always gives us a call. The picture might not show the color, but most of all our shirt and pants are available in the neutral tones. This is just a guidance.

Again, choosing a pair of linen pants, or line shorts you can add another combination with a short sleeve linen or poly-cotton shirt. A Guayabera or Mexican Wedding Shirt are the most popular for the tropical, beach or destination weddings. Sometimes the bride will have the entire wedding party wear the same color Guayabera shirt. Wear shoes or sandals, perfectly normal for this event. Examples follow. 100% Linen men’s drawstring linen pants or Super fresh Cubavera brand linen shorts. Tan Criss-cross open toe slide men’s sandal or Brown woven leather thong men’s sandal.

Now, the examples above are just a few in the many posibilities we carry throughtout our inventory. If you need further assistance please feel free to call us, and someone will be more than happy to asssist you in the choosing of your Destination, Tropical or Beach Wedding Attire.

Browse throught our complete and satisfying inventory and create your own Beach, Tropical or Destination Wedding Attire style.


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