My Destination wedding at Playa Morelos 

By  Alexis Martin

I was engaged last year and looking for something nice to wear for my beach wedding – however here in Canada linen suits, while they exist, are simply not that common – and certainly not available during the fall (which is when we were married!). I was fortunate enough to find your on-line store, and ordered two suits, one of which I sent back because the color wasn’t quite what I was looking for (a recommendation – put larger color “swatches” on your website to better show available suit colors!).

In any event, the suit arrived with no problems, in time, and once I had the pants hemmed and a little bit of tailoring done, it was perfect, and very reasonable for the price! I posted some pictures on Facebook and I’ve had a number of people compliment the linen suit, asking me where I bought it – so I hope in the end I’ve bought you some good business as well!

Thanks very much for a great site, and great products!

Nothing but good things to say about MyCubanStore.com! I would be happy to act as a reference for you guys at any time, especially for those fearing website ordering from outside the US – my experience was quite seamless, and the quality of the suit was above expectations.

Alexis Martin

I'm a first-generation Cuban immigrant. I have a passion for everything Cuba. I love to share our culture and my expertise in the world-famous Guayabera Shirt. On December 18, 2002, I sold my first Cuban Guayabera shirt online. I fell in love with the process and the fact that this is a business, you always have to be willing to learn. Many things have changed since then, new software services, new concepts. At Mycubanstore.com, we had been able to ride different market waves. We are always humbled and grateful for this privilege of building a future in this great country.

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