July 26

National Coffee Day


National Coffee Day

September 29 is National Coffee Day and here at MyCubanStore.com we could not be happier to celebrate this important day.  Actually, we recently found out about this occasion and we don’t know much about it other than the fact that National Coffee Day is an incentive for coffee retailers to offer special promotions on their coffee products.

To us of course this is second nature since Cubans celebrate coffee every day and here at MyCubanStore.com we love to offer special deals, especially on coffee.  The unique way that Cubans prepare coffee makes for a special celebration that occurs several times a day in the daily life of a Cuban coffee drinker.  If you are not familiar with Cuban coffee, see our blog entry about it:


Cubans love sharing their coffee, offering coffee is as common as a greeting during visits.  That is why we were pleased to find out that there has been a special day set aside for the world’s most popular drink next to water.  National Coffee Day is definitely something that we will cherish and observe every year from here on.  We are starting today by offering special offers and promotions to make it easier for the world to experience coffee the way that Cubans do.  Please enjoy this National Coffee Day.


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