Navidad with Spanish Turrones! (Christmas with Spanish nougats)

Spanish nougat are a staple this time of the year in all Spanish homes and for us as Spanish descendants the nougats are also a traditional food this time of the year. These sweets are made of pure Mediterranean almonds and honey; invented in Jijona more than 500 years ago by the moors

The traditional nougat are either soft with a grainy peanut butter consistency or hard similar to peanut brittle but with almonds either one is delicious and very unique. If you are looking for traditional flavors this time of the year the Spanish nougat or turrones Españoles are the perfect snack for your Christmas party or end of the year celebration.

At we are now offering one of the most popular brand of turrones in Spain called El Lobo (the wolf) they are top quality made the traditional way in Jijona Spain like they have been done for hundreds of years.


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