May 20

Reagan Reaffirms American Values and Cuban Solidarity on Cuban Independence Day, May 20th 1983


On May 20th, 1983, President Ronald Reagan addressed a crowd of Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida, to commemorate Cuban Independence Day. The speech during the Cold War highlighted the Reagan administration's stance on Cuban communism and America's commitment to freedom.

Reagan's remarks acknowledged the struggles and sacrifices made by Cuban Americans who fled communist rule. He praised their entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic, calling them embodiments of the "American spirit." He drew a parallel between the yearning for liberty that fueled the American Revolution and the desire for freedom felt by many Cubans.

The President emphasized America's role as a beacon of hope for the oppressed. He quoted Theodore Roosevelt, who fought alongside Cuban revolutionaries in 1898, underscoring the historical ties between the two nations. Reagan pledged American solidarity with the Cuban people yearning for freedom, implicitly criticizing the communist regime of Fidel Castro.

The speech was met with enthusiasm by the Cuban American audience. It resonated with their experiences and aspirations. Reagan's address served to solidify American support for Cuban dissidents and to promote American ideals as a stark contrast to communist ideology.

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