July 26

The best, the greatest, the longest or the biggest


The best, the greatest, the longest or the biggest

I was driving through Miami at lunch time yesterday and I counted more than four different restaurants claiming they have the best Cuban steak sandwich in the area.  I looked them up on my i-phone and none of them are even rated in yelp or on any of the other local rating sites online.

I truly think those business owners are making a big mistake.  Don’t ever try to fool customers with self proclaimed titles!

When it comes to businesses this day and age only customers can tell you who you are.  If you are not good enough for a customer to recommend to their friends or to comment on your product maybe it’s better to use your time to figure out what is going on instead of coming up with unsustainable claims.

Just as we can measure time, speed and distance, customer satisfaction is measurable by simply asking your customers for their opinions.  I know you may get customers with antagonistic or ill intentioned attitudes but still if you deliver a good product or service your true colors will come out and you will have no need to claim you are the “best, the best, the greatest, largest, the longest or the biggest”

If you want to see how mycubanstore.com is rated or want to give your opinion about our business, visit the links provided below:



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