What is a Guayabera Shirt? 

By  Alexis Martin

What is a Guayabera Shirt?

A Guayaberas is a tropical shirt worn by Men and Women alike. The shirt is worn un-tucked. The guayabera relaxed style makes it a unique type of shirt that tends to fit rather loose, with a boxy cut for comfort.

A guayabera is not just a shirt. You can expectt this shirt to be the most unique one in your wardrobe. The traditional style has two to four pockets, pleated panels on the front and back, and/or embroidery designs on the pleats for a decorative twist. Manufacturing Guayaberas requires almost double the time than manufacturing a regular shirt since there are so many additions and decorations on it.

Imagine a shirt with two pleated rows on the front each of these pleats is a tiny line of fabric swan very small and tight next to one another you will find these pleats in rows in the front of the shirt and in the back of the shirt. Most styles will feature at least two rows in the front plus four pockets and two to three rows of pleats in the back of the shirt. In addition to these the shirt also includes special shapes on the top and the bottom were the pleated row starts and ends.

These shapes depict a triangle and many believe these shapes are put in place to represent the triangular shape shown on the Cuban flag and the button on these triangles represent the lone star on the Cuban flag. (The guayabera shirt is believe to have originated in Cuba) The shirt also has a slit or side cut believed also to be in place to make it easy for the Cuban freedom fighters (mambies) to pull out their machetes in the Cuban independence war with Spain. The guayabera shirt could be short or long sleeve and nowadays is made of many fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton blends, Linen, Linen blends and other natural and man made fabrics.

The shirt’s best feature is its fashionable flexibility; able to pass for casual wear for a relaxing day at the beach, or an elegant, yet comfortable alternative popularly used for beach and destination weddings.


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