November 18

Angela Alvarez “Un Canto a mi Cuba”

   On November 17, 2022, Angela Alvarez made history by winning the award for best new artist at age 95. She was already a record holder by being the oldest musician ever nominated in the category. 

  The singer is an inspiration for all of us, dedicating her award to "god and to my beloved country Cuba, which I will never forget" she was able to show us our dreams have no barriers so long we have faith, hard work, and determination. Angela had four children, is the grandmother of nine, and is the great-grandmother of 15. She emigrated to the US in the 1960s, according to Billboard. She had always dreamed of being a singer and had put these dreams on the back burner. Thanks to her grandson and producer Carlos José Alvarez, who helped compile and organize an immense library of songs Angela had composed. 

   Angela Alvarez belongs to a great generation of Cubans who emigrated to the US and kept Cuba's musical and cultural traditions alive, such as the foodGuayaberas, and of course, the music. Carlos also contacted Cuban-American actor Andy Garcia who was very impressed with the project and who also became the producer of the documentary Miss Angela. She was also invited to appear in the movie Father of the Bride and sing "Quiereme Mucho" in that movie.

  After receiving her Grammy, she ended her speech by saying".. "To those who have not fulfilled their dream, although life is difficult, there is always a way out, and with faith and love, you can achieve it, I promise you," Álvarez said. "It is never too late."


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