July 26

Beach and Destination Wedding Attire for Men!

Because a Destination Beach Wedding is less formal and more relaxed of an event than a Traditional wedding, the attire follows the same etiquette. The event can be stressful enough, so for men to know that their wedding clothing attire will be as comfortable as wearing an everyday garment will be “Heaven” for them.  Ladies, your groom to be will be indebted to you for the rest of your lives together

Tuxedos and regular suits are too hot and heavy for such an occasion. The Guayabera, Mexican Shirt, Chacabana, Cuban Shirt, Cigar Shirt or Bowling Shirt, has become the clothing of choice for this unforgettable destination wedding event. They come in many fabrics and colors, so they can be color coordinated with the Bridesmaids dresses. A very popular outfit for a Beach or Destination Wedding attire for men is a Linen Guayabera shirt with a pair of Linen trousers or Capri Pants and a pair of sandals. Usually, lighter colors are more common, like white, natural, beige, light blues, yellow, and many others.

Beach and Destination Weddings men clothing although casual and less formal as they are, they can also be elegant. A natural color linen suit with a white cotton shirt and pair of leather huaraches can be very sharp and fashionable attire for this occasion. Linen is the fabric of preference for this type of event because it absorbs the heat extremely well.

Linen fabric is a popular choice for warm-weather clothing. It feels cool in the summer but appears crisp and fresh even in hot weather.

There are countless possibilities for beach destination wedding attire for men. Including jeans for the Groom with a Guayabera shirt, Retro long sleeve cotton shirt or a Camp shirt and some flip flops. Forget the tuxedo or uncomfortable bulky sport jackets or suit.

Men beach destination wedding attires blend and coordinate great with the bridesmaid’s dresses. As a rule and in traditional wedding attires, the groom and groomsmen match the color of the tuxedo shirt with that of the bridesmaids dresses. But in this relaxed and casual beach event, the groomsmen can wear a Guayabera in beige, the groomsmen in lavender the same color as the bridesmaid’s dresses.

One of our customers from New York had this to say about our C9MGY0505 Linen Long Sleeves Guayabera:   “I bought this for my future husband to wear at our beach wedding in July. …I was very pleased on how good it looked on him!! The price was perfect and the quality far exceeded my expectations. Will order similar short sleeve shirts for the two groomsmen and future father in law soon!

Destination Beach weddings are so much fun and because the clothing etiquette is informal and some what casual, this is one less thing to go crazy about. Plus, afterwards in your honeymoon you can wear your wedding outfit out to dinner or go sightseeing, as casual as that. Pack it up and wear it back home. The Beach Wedding attire for men has many practical and beneficial traits including savings. Compare the price of a tuxedo or elegant suit to a Linen Guayabera shirt, a pair of linen trousers or jeans and sandals?.. and, who knows when you will get to wear the tuxedo or suit again.


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