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By  Alexis Martin

calling cuba

Everybody knows calling Cuba is an expensive Endeavour, charges of $1.00 per minute are common for people calling Cuba from the US, Canada and Europe.

The voice over IP revolution have not arrived to Cuba yet and the phone calls are expensive.

When calling Cuba you have to realize, people in Cuba have only one phone company owned and controlled by the Cuban government.

Cuba  prices are regulated by the Cuban government so its not uncommon for a call from us to Cuba cost more than calling India or even China.

Even if you are not in the US calling Cuba is very expensive, one of our customers called from Canada and reported rates of up to $1.25 per minute!

I added this blog to help those of you looking to save some money calling Cuba, my recommendation is a company I use my self when calling my own family in Havana and Matanzas, it works great! Now days a calling card does not work!

  Calling codes to Cuba from the US:

1. Dial the exit code for international call: 011
2. Dial the Cuba country code 53
3. Dial the number in Area code in Cuba 1 to 4 numbers
4. Dial the actual phone number in Cuba 4 to 7 numbers

List of area codes in Cuba:
Bayamo 23
Guantanamo Bay 99
Matanzas 45
Camaguey 322
Havana 7
Pinar del Río 82
Ciego de Avila 33
Holguín 24
Santa Clara 42
Cienfuegos 432
Las Tunas 31
Santiago de Cuba 226
Guantanamo 21
Manzanillo 23
Sancti Spiritus 41

So let’s say you will be calling Pinar del Rio you will dial 0115382???????

If you need to call a mobile number in Cuba the code should be:

011 + 53 + 5 ??? ????

Cuban calling cards.

I still remember that not long ago the only option for calling Cuba was thru calling cards, using a calling card to call Cuba was disastrous, your call will disconnect and you loose money just by trying to call.

Voice over Ip to Cuba (VOIP)

Now days there is a better way to call Cuba inexpressibly (to Cuban call  standards) there are a few Voice over Ip offering great deals in minutes to Cuba, my favorite one is called Rebtel.

With Rebtel you will save lots of money calling Cuba and better yet if the call quality is bad you can close it and come back later it wont steal your money as a calling card would do.  They offer reliable service and ways to call via their web applications and mobile applications.

Many times you can make the call using a local phone number that you will assign to your family in Cuba and you will call it like if they live on the same city using the minutes and money on your rebtel account.

Click here to learn more about Rebtel.

calling cuba

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