Choosing the Attire for Your Destination/Beach or Tropical Wedding 

By  Alexis Martin

Choosing the Attire for Your Destination/Beach or Tropical Wedding

When Choosing Attire for Your Seaside or tropical Affair: Select Comfort and simplicity.
The first thing to consider when dressing for a destination wedding is the environment. If the wedding will be held outdoors in a tropical climate, comfort and practicality should be your priority. While some island brides wear an elegant gown, others see a destination wedding as an opportunity to abandon tradition and go casual. Either way, explore wearing lightweight fabrics that drape your body and avoid any styles that will cling to you and make you uncomfortably warm.

Natural fabrics like silk chiffon, silk organza, cotton, or 100% Linen, are best for a seaside ceremony. Bear in mind that even with exercising the greatest caution, a longer dress can get dirty after strolling along the beach. Opting for a shorter style will eliminate worries about your dress. Remember, it is not unusual for a bride to wear a white sundress or go barefoot on the sand.
As for the groom, a white 100% linen jacket or a crisp, white, classic guayabera, also known as a cigar shirt or Mexican wedding shirt is perfect for a beach wedding.
The guayabera, which arguably originated in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Thailand or even the Philippines, has been around for over 200 years. Most commonly made from linen or cotton, this button-front shirt features two or four patch pockets and two classic vertical rows of very fine, delicate pleats, which are sewn closely together and run along the front and back of the shirt. Grooms can choose the guayabera in short or long sleeve styles. Its sophisticated design and flattering fit make it ideal for grooms of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, it is an elegant option for keeping the groom cool and comfortable in a tropical climate.



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