Corporate event ideas in Miami. 

By  Alexis Martin

You made a great decision by hosting your next event in Miami, Florida. This is a city full of life and colorful, diverse and proudly so! Miami is a unique place in the US! We got a tradition of hosting major international events.

Average Miami temperatures

Miami enjoys a very pleasant temperature average during the winter months. Is during this time Miami shines as a great destination for corporate events.

High °FLow °F High °CLow °C

Celebrate Miami diversity.

Miami is well known for his Hispanic, Caribbean and South American influences but Miami it’s way more than that! I myself are an immigrant, here is my story.

Corporate event ideas in Miami: Visiting Little Havana
Corporate event ideas in Miami: Visiting Little Havana

A visit to Little Havana is a must! Little Havana offers a vibrant Cuban and Latin American art galleries and delicious restaurants. Cigars, Cafes with walk-up windows for Cuban coffee or cigars.

Corporate event ideas in Miami: Historic Lyric Theater
Corporate event ideas in Miami: Visit Historic Lyric Theater

The Black Archives, History & Research Foundation of South Florida Inc. is currently creating the Historic Overtown Folklife Village, an area of retail, cultural and entertainment district.

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex. “.. The mission of the City of Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Complex is to present and preserve Afro-Caribbean cultures‚ inspire the next generation of leaders and leverage arts and culture as tools for transformation and community building. “

Miami and the Arts

A visit to this our city should include some sort of art-related activities. Miami offers a wide range of museums and cultural centers for all kinds of interests!

One of the hidden gems of Miami cultural scene is the Tower Theater, administered by Miami Dade College the theater offers year-round international movies.

Tower Theater in Miami, Florida.

From Wikipedia: ” MDC’s Tower Theater, is one of Miami’s oldest cultural landmarks. When it opened in December 1926, it was the finest state-of-the-art theater in the South. It is located on SW Eighth Street and Fifteenth Avenue in Miami, Florida”

Visiting Miami Beach

A corporate visit to Miami should also include a visit to Miami beach. Water temperature even during the winter months is very pleasant. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit.

Miami beach Average water temperature

You may rent a yacht and cruise thru the intracoastal waterway or even go out fishing on many of the charter boats in Miami Beach.

Mycubanstore.com customer: FY Corporate Cruise-in Miami wearing the traditional Cuban Guayabera shirts with their logo.

A visit to the Miami Beach Holocaust memorial can be an interesting activity to do on Miami beach other than beach and fun. A time to reflect on a dark period on the history of the world. Honoring the victims and their family, this is a great charitable opportunity as the memorial accept donations to continue their mission.

Miami food & shopping scene

Nowadays Miami is considered one of the top culinary destinations in the US. We are a melting pot of cuisines from different regions. Starting with Cuban food, known for its bold flavors here Cuban cuisine is king. More than that Miami represents flavors from all over Latin America, Jamaica, Haiti and the islands of the Caribbean.

Our food scene is as diverse as our city from soul food in Overtown to famous fruits stands way down south. Famous Cuban restaurants where every US president since has visited for the past 40 years or so.

We own the “ventanitas” (little windows) a Miami tradition imported from Cuba where patrons stop to have coffee and pastries along with that we have Cuban bakeries, fruit stands, Argentinian empanadas, tacos and much more. Find out more on the Eaters Guide to Miami

Ideal corporate event giveaways items for Miami.

Florida is known as the sunshine state, therefore, any event in Miami will require sun protection.

An ideal giveaway items could include:

  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun lotion
  • Tropical style store with hats & Shirts
  • Sandals
  • Cigars
  • Baskets with tropical fruits
  • Baskets with Cuban coffee and coffee maker
  • Cuban Guayabera shirts
  • Local beer tasting
  • Baskets with local pastries
  • Cigar roller
  • Dancers
  • Cuban music performers
  • Havana Nights Party
  • Rum tasting
  • Appetizers from different Latin American countries
  • Brazilian Dancers
  • Carnaval Theme
  • Calle Ocho theme
  • Cuban dominoes games
  • How to make a Cuban sandwich
  • How to make a mojito

Alexis Martin

I'm a first-generation Cuban immigrant. I have a passion for everything Cuba. I love to share our culture and my expertise in the world-famous Guayabera Shirt.

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