April 15

Cuba 1994


After the Soviet Union collapse and the end of the subsidies the Cuban Government find himself in a very difficult situation. Rationing were increased and it was hard to find food, the black market prices skyrocketed. The situation in the country was very volatile.

The special period was at his highest peak read more here: ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Period

Me and many of my generation had grown tired of empty promises of a better future and been asked all the time to sacrifice more. We were all anxious waiting for the big change or a way out.

The number of Cubans leaving Cuba in improvised rafts were growing by days and may desperate Cubans were recurring to hijacks to archive their dream of leaving their country. The Cuban government got frustrated by this and announced they will not longer prevent any one from leaving the island.

After the Cuban government decided not to prevent any Cubans from leaving the island a sea of people left Cuba in improvised rafts. I was one of them.



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