Cuba, Home to One of the Worlds Smallest Frogs 

By  Alexis Martin

      The Monte Iberia Eleuth is a unique animal. In the entire world, the only frog that is relatively as small is the Brazilian Golden frog. Unlike other frog species, these frogs are never tadpoles. In fact, most females only producing one egg after reproduction, unlike other frogs that make a lot more. Because of their small size, there has been very little research on the frog. We know they tend to get around their habitat with little interference or monitoring. And that they have a tendency to be more active during the day rather than at night.

 Residing in the HolguĂ­n Province of Eastern Cuba...

Detailed Map of Cuba

Detailed Map of Cuba

The Monte Iberia Eleuth inhabits areas with little soil drainage, where it can hide among leaves, ferns, and other plant life. These little frogs can be found in eastern Cuba, but only in the rainforest. The majority of these frogs will make their home in Cuba, choosing the easternmost part of the island to build their nests and forage for food. They will dwell in locations as low as sea level for moisture since they need a lot of humidity to survive.

Tiny Creatures...

Monte Iberia Eleuth

Monte Iberia Eleuth

The Monte Iberia Eleuth is a dwarf frog, barely reaching a length of less than half an inch. They're actually no bigger than the size of a fingertip at 3/8 inch long. Their body is equally remarkable, as they sport a broad head yet have slender fingers. They feature striking colors on their bodies, which has an essential purpose.

Toxic to the Touch...

Monte Iberia Eleuth

Monte Iberia Eleuth

The yellow markings on their bodies are there to warn predators. The reason why some animals are decorated in bold colors is to signify that they are poisonous animals. This rule applies to the Monte Iberia Eleuth since they produce pumiliotoxins (toxins found in the skin of animals like the poison dart frog). These toxins paralyze the muscles of the predator, protecting them from being eaten.

Critically Endangered...

Critically endangered

Critically endangered

The dwarf frog avoids danger to the best of its ability. Whenever a noise as small as a rustle of leaves arises, they jump away and prevent the threat. They use the toxins from their skin to their advantage as protection. However, the biggest threat to the Monte Iberia Eleuth is deforestation by humans. Which has significantly disrupted the natural habitat of the Monte Iberia Eleuth, contributing to their limited population.

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