Cuban Dominoes

Have you herd of Cuban Dominoes?…. well!!!…….it is a super Fun and entertaining game.

Some people opt to make parties and call them “Dominoes Mojito Party” or “Guayabera Dominoes party” or one that’s very popular Havana Domino Night!!

Imagine sitting down with friend’s playing this wonderful game of Cuban Dominoes, drinking a Mojito while conversing about life and listening to some Cuban Mambo in the background; I just described the traditional Cuban way the Cuban culture plays dominoes with their friends.

The game of Dominoes is played all around Latin America, but its origins were by the Chinese, Arabs and Egyptians a long time ago.  Then Italians introduced the game in Spain, France and Cuba. Cuban Dominoes is a universal game, which has thousand of fans, regardless of age, race or sex. Though the traditional rules establish that talking is not allowed while playing, this is not the case of Cubans where the activity turns loud, lively and exciting in tune with the natural joy of Cubans.

The Cuban Dominoes game is unique a little different from than the regular dominoes game. The Cuban Dominoes goes from 0 to 9 and it has 55 tiles and the regular domino game is from 0 to 6 and it has 28 tiles. There are Dominoes tournaments all over the world and nowadays you can even play in the web.

Because the game of Dominoes and its tiles are small and its case is compact, you can take this game with you just about anywhere. From parties to family gatherings to the neighborhood dominoes’ club, the game of Cuban Dominoes is the perfect enjoyment to relax and have a good time with your friends.

Next time when you want to have a simple get together with your friends, make it a “Dominoes’ Mojito Night”. All you’ll need is a game of Cuban Dominoes, Mojito drinks, salsa jazz for the background music and let the game begin sort of speak. Believe me you will be the talk of the town because your friends are going to have such a blast playing the wonderful and entertaining game of Cuban Dominoes’ that they’ll probably copy you and make a Cuban Dominoes’ Party of their own.

Cuban Dominoes’ are available in many designs and package in differently just for originality, but the game still has the same rules. The Cuban culture likes to deviate a little from the sort of strict rules, in order to have a great time playing. Imagined the Cuban culture that which enjoys so much talking and teasing their friends not able to talk while playing the game, because that’s one of the rules of the game. It’s ok to stray!

Fun, exciting and a very enjoyable the Cuban Dominoes’ is the perfect and ideal little game to have, play or give it as a gift to your friends. And may be you might like it so much that you will join a Domino group and play tournaments.

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