Cuban home electric meter

Cuban home electric meter

On my last visit to Cuba I took this picture of an electric meter inside a house in Havana, the owner of the house confesed to me that due to the high energy prices the goverment charges they have to create these “inventions” to steal electricity from the goverment.

So they hire the same goverment workers who come to your house to read the electric meter and pay them hard currency to trickout the connection so the equipment wont register all the electrity they consume.

In Cuban as you may know all these mayor services are provided by the goverment and their bourocratic aparatus is unable to catch on this type of behaivor, people feel they are rob by the goverment with the miserable salires they receive and they see it fine to do the same to them. They have a saying “Ladron que roba a ladron tiene 100 años de perdon” (That one who steels from the robber is forgiven for the next 100 years)

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