Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination location

Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination location

Finding the Perfect Wedding Destination location

While some couples already have a favorite vacation spot in mind for their destination wedding, many face the challenge of finding the perfect location for their affair.

Brides and grooms can find a wealth of information online and at bookstores on destinations near and far. Fodor’s provides tremendous insight on top destinations across the globe. Couples wanting a tropical wedding with Guayaberas can easily locate comprehensive information on islands and venues in the Caribbean (from Anguilla to the U.S. Virgin Islands) as well as the more remote tropical regions of the world.

Those still struggling to find that perfect “slice-of-heaven” may consider enlisting the help of a trusted travel consultant. Many veteran agents have traveled extensively and experienced the sights, sounds and flavors of locations first-hand. They can be very useful in pointing a couple in the right direction. Just be sure to explicate what you want.

Let your agent know if the ideal trip translates to entire days filled with sea and land sojourns or if you’d prefer to spend languorous afternoons on a secluded beach. If you are not using a travel agent, pull together a list of potential hotels and resorts and request wedding package details. Do the same for chapels, tourism departments and consulates.

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