July 27

Guayabera shirt beach wedding at Riviera Maya.

I met Benny on the internet and we went on our first date on February 17, 2006.  We had dinner at the Mardi Gras restaurant on Austin St and watched the Pink Panther at The Midway Cinemas in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. He was a total gentleman then and still now…..

I bought my Pronovias wedding gown at Boticelli’s in Bronxville, NY.  We’ve both always dreamed of a beach wedding, being that we’re both “beach bums”. We chose the guayabera shirts because we wanted to give it a latin “touch”. We were searching for a 5 star, adults-only, all-inclusive resort and always wanted to explore Mexico.

The wedding was magical. The weather that day was the best for that week. It was previously raining all week ,the week before our arrival. When we arrived it was hazy, hot, and humid. By Saturday, the 4th of July it was sunny, dry, and not a cloud in the sky. Except for one bright white cloud over Benny’s head which I told Benny was his Mom watching over him from heaven.

After the ceremony, we danced our first dance to my favorite song on the playlist, Experiencia Religiosa by Enrique Iglesias right on the beach. The first song that was played for the toast immediately after the ceremony right on the beach, was Benny’s favorite song, All that I need. by Jack Wagner,  Both songs were randomly chosen by the DJ after we told him to play whatever song came on.   It was magical, it was una experiencia religiosa.


Marlene & Benny



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