My Cuban Store’s Show Room in 33186 

By  Alexis Martin

For the past 12 years Mycubanstore.com have been manufacturing, distributing and retailing guayaberas all over the world. Our warehouse/Showroom is located in 12188 sw 131 ave Miami, Fl 33186, we ship everywhere but if you are in the Kendall area looking for a guayabera or tropical hat come by during regular business hours and we will delighted to help you find the right guayabera shirt.

Some our our customer looking for guayaberas on the zip code 33186 have come by ans told us they didn’t know we were so close by.  Most people go to the calle 8 area of Miami looking for guayaberas but we are very close by to all the southwest area, our prices are very affordable and we carry a big variety of guayaberas, hats and pants.

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Now you know if you are looking for Guayaberas on the zip code 33186 our showroom is stocked with a great selection, we can also ship your guaaybera anywhere in the world.


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Alexis Martin

I'm a first-generation Cuban immigrant. I have a passion for everything Cuba. I love to share our culture and my expertise in the world-famous Guayabera Shirt. On December 18, 2002, I sold my first Cuban Guayabera shirt online. I fell in love with the process and the fact that this is a business, you always have to be willing to learn. Many things have changed since then, new software services, new concepts. At Mycubanstore.com, we had been able to ride different market waves. We are always humbled and grateful for this privilege of building a future in this great country.

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