July 26

Guayaberas, Guayaberas, Guayaberas or Spanish Uniform Guayaberas?


Guayaberas or Rayadillo Uniform?

Guayaberas are known to be created in Cuba in the 1800’s. The shirt seem to have been the product of an evolution, in in fact I think  guayaberas are  the result of an evolution from the Spanish Army Uniform from the time.

I would like to present to you a series of photographs were these Spanish uniforms called rayadillos are shown with a style very similar to the guayaberas, in fact the shirt clearly show two pleated rows on the front and two bottom pockets.  Cuba was the last country in the Americas to get its independence from Spain and Spain had a lot of resources invested in Cuba. The Spanish army in the 1800 was huge in Cuba due to the fact that most Latin American countries had already won their independence from Spain or were in the process of doing so. Spain considered Cuba not a colony but a province of Spain.

Here are a few pictures of these Uniform from the time.

All material is Copyright 2006 by William K. Combs0

If you like to view these rayadillo Guayaberas visit the History Miami Museum they have of of these uniforms available in their exhibition.


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