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Havana theme party attire for men

Unveiling the Charm of Havana-Themed Parties and 1950s Cuban Fashion

If you've been invited to a Havana-themed party or are considering hosting one, you're in for a fantastic journey into Cuban-inspired glamour. In the 1950s, Cuban shirts, vibrant prints, and guayabera shirts took the fashion scene by storm. In this article, we'll explore the allure of Havana-themed parties and delve into the fashion trends that made the 1950s an iconic era.

Old Cuban Magazines

Color Theme

A Havana theme party is all about vibrant hues, warm colors, rich fabrics and eclectic vibes. Havana in the '50s was a glamorous city with the art deco designs and colonial buildings the backdrop. Your Havana theme party should include elements of these chic and classical decorations with a tropical flair. 

The colors of Havana a not dull colors. They are vibrant and full of life! Think of a palette that includes rich brown, yellows, blues, crimson red, greens, all in its profound variations to add atmosphere and sophistication.

Havana culture and fashions are a timeless trend that has always enticed and enraptured Americans. Are you confused about putting together an elaborate Havana outfit? We're here to help you out. The rumba playing wild and dancers take the floor by the storm.

Detail-Of-Old Town Square Havana

Detail Of Old Town Square Havana

Architectural Heritage of Havana

Havana took from different styles from the past and combined them to make up an eclectic style. Havana's architecture tells a story of a 500 years old city, still showcasing colonial architecture.

Safeguarded by time in Havana, you can see a town that grew from the bay westwards and on each iteration of the neighborhoods, Havana adapted itself to the different times and styles.

Here is a list of Favorite books from Amazon to help you find inspiration for your Havana theme party. 

Afro-Cuban Identity 

Cubans are a mix of European and African people. We are proud of our African roots and ancestors, our food, music, and traditions reflect this. A Havana themed party should include aspects of this African heritage.

Afro Cuba
Afro Cuban
Afro Cuban

Cuban Food

Cuban food is a blend of styles with influences from Africa, Spain, and Native Caribbean people. Our food is not spicy as in Hot but well-spiced as full flavorful. Cubans like to marinate meats for a long time; we marinate chicken and pork for 24 hours, infusing each meat with essences with predominant citrus and garlic notes.

Green Banana Chips

Cuban Green Banana Chips

Cuban Meal

Cuban meal

Our favorite Cuban cookbooks from amazon.com

Cuban fashion for a Havana Themed Party

Havana culture and fashions are a timeless trend that has always enticed and enraptured Americans. Are you confused about putting together an elaborate Havana outfit? We're here to help you out. The rumba playing wild and dancers take the floor by the storm.

We're going to introduce you to some fabulous Havana night's attire for women and men that you will adore.

Women should wear bold colors and prints on their Havana themed party. A shaped dress with a 50 flair. These Havana nights, Havana nights dressDress party night. Should include Solid Ruffles Off Shoulder here is a list of these dresses from Amazon.com: 

Cuban themed attire allows men to get comfortable with a laid-back glamour. They are sophisticated and luxurious without being rigidly boring. 

The Cuban Guayabera Shirt

The guayabera design. A quintessential style its a shirt worn by presidents, celebrities, and men in general. The guayabera shirt represents a cultural identity for Cuba like no other shirt. A Havana themed party is the perfect event to showcase your guayabera style.

Traditional colors are white, natural, beige, and light blue. We recommend wearing your guayabera shirt with earth tone pants and shoes such as rich brown & natural. A Panama hat is also an excellent complement for your guayabera, known in Cuba as jipijapa hats back in the '40s and 50's.

Stay cool with the comfortable graze of linen against your back. This classically tailored shirt features detailed pleats that cut vertically across the front and back. This guayabera is a charming design and perfect example of archiving a laid back tropical look at a Havana theme party.

Give your Havana nights attire an eclectic pop of Cuban charm with the Deluxe Mojito Signature guayabera shirt made with fine Irish linen. Perfect for a beach-side affair, cruise party, or even a countryside bash. You can pair it up with a sharply tailored pair of drawstring pants, and seal the look with a Panama Safari hat. Try also our exclusive pair of Tijuana Huarache Loafers.

We strongly urge you to embrace its bold and dramatic Cuban vibes. A Cuban Shirt t is an excellent pick for Havana themed cruises, beach-side affairs, and even a countryside Cuban dinner followed by a great deal of dancing. Pair it up with a luxuriously comfortable pair of white drawstring pants for a relaxed and tropical vibe.

If you're ready to experiment with a Boho-inspired Havana theme party attire for men, we're happy to introduce you to this exquisitely embroidered and romantic guayabera. It plays up an intricate embroidery on the front with pin-tucks, front pockets and subtle embellishments along with a side slit.

The design marked with 'alforzas,' commonly known as pin-tucks, as two traditional guayabera rows. These alforzas run down the front and one wider row embellishes the back with its intricate strokes. Each pocket and pin-tuck rows play up a charming assortment of decorative guayabera style buttons, perfect to create an eclectic festive look.

We recommend you to flaunt its Boho charm with a bold color palette, preferably red, paired with plain white drawstring trousers and a natural colored hat.

We recommend a fabulously versatile jacket made of a linen blend. Havana themed party style that allows you to retain comfort. Linen blend jackets are must-haves for a Havana themed engagement party, a reception dinner, a beach-side Havana theme party, or a countryside Cuban affair.

We urge you to flaunt its sharply tailored accents with this modern basic linen shirt, a timeless button-down shirt that exudes an eclectic blend of classy and contemporary tailoring. It plays up a tasteful blend of colors that will give the crisp white jacket a charming hint of vibrancy. You can seal the statement with complementing loafers, and our ultra-cool Scala Hats Panama.

Enter your text Find a lightweight linen shirt and loose symmetry that will make you stand apart with its charm and eclectic vibrancy. Its romantic color palette strikes a very unique svelte. The full-sleeved design gives it a charming ethnic beauty.

Fabulous Havana themed attire! You don't have to overdo the look with rigid and boring tailoring. Create a handsome suited up statement with our exquisite linen blend suit vest, a charming token of classic elegance. A Panama hat will help you with this unique look!

Havana night's clothing ideas don't always have to be classic and traditional. This is an eclectic and contemporary take on the classic guayabera trend. This charming button-down plays up a timeless debonair that can never go out of style. Made to last for generations, and if you pair it up with care, you can turn it into an ultra-classy ensemble.
Shirt inspired in a tropical paradise tucked away in the Dominican Republic.

Gentlemen, we hope that this article helps you sort out your outfit for the Havana themed party and put an end to all your dilemmas of what to wear. Remember, Cuban fashion is all about being confident and rocking bold colors that make you stand out and command attention. It's not about the clothes, but the attitude and personality of the man who wears them. Last but certainly not the least, comfortable is always sexy!



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