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Logo Embroidered Guayaberas for restaurant or corporate event


Logo Embroidered Guayaberas for restaurant or corporate event

Mycubanstore.com have been in business for 10 years now and for years we have helped customers get these beautiful Cuban shirts and guayaberas shipped directly from Miami, Florida.  Many of our customers are restaurants, event planners or corporate customers looking for a different shirt for an event, as uniforms or to stand out at a convention. Some of the customers assure our shirts have helped them archive big business deals!

Think about it!  At your next business convention almost everyone will wear a polo shirt with their company logo. Your team will wear a beautiful guayabera shirt with a bright color and your logo embroidered on the shirt.

Who do you think people are going to remember, the boring guy in a polo shirt or the fun looking fellow in a bright color guayabera shirt?

The answer is simple, the guayaberas are perfect attire for a convention and if you put your logo on the shirt this gives you a unique business advantage to differentiate you and your team from the competition.

If you own a restaurant, you know better! Presentation is everything, from the wall decor to how the food looks on your customer’s plate along with taste and visual appeal; all these things can make or break a good restaurant. The staff uniform is not any less important, in fact a well dressed restaurant staff can help you set the tone for an enjoyable and memorable meal and that my friend is cash in your pocket. People will remember your service, your food, your restaurant decor and how your employee looked on their beautiful Cuban shirts uniforms.

If you are looking for a unique corporate convention shirt, corporate event attire or unique restaurant uniform, give the Guayabera shirt or Cuban shirts a chance.  Give us a call and we will help you make an informed decision.

Embroidery services are available.

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