New Orleans northern most Caribbean city, Cuban roots of rock and roll. 

By  Alexis Martin

The first time I visited the city of New Orleans I had a “dejavu”. This city feel so familiar, the people, the music, the streets, its food and ambiance. On this NPR piece one of the hots refers to the city as the “northern most Caribbean cities”. What a poetic description to my very own feeling!

New Orleans been the birthplace of a variety wonderful American rhythms and its connections to the Caribbean, Cuba and ultimately the Africa. For us Cubans no matter what race you are Africa and its rhythms are part of us.

I enjoyed this wonderful NPR program about the influence of Cuban Music as much as I did. Grab a cigar and your guayabera – Enjoy_

From NPR:

If you submitted the DNA of rock and roll to one of those ancestry outfits, you’d get traces of just about every kind of music that developed in the U.S. Spirituals, folk, blues, country and western music have all have contributed to that early 1950s explosion of what became known as rock and roll.

But listen closely and you can hear influences from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, specifically Cuba. Can you hear the cha-cha-cha in …

Alexis Martin

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