July 28

Cuban Guayabera Shirts in South Africa.


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Our guayaberas are famous world wide! Last month we shipped three beautiful linen Guayabera shirts to a customer in Africa. The gentleman was worry about getting the shirts in South Africa since he had not order from us before.

We took the order details via email and send him a PayPal money request to pay for his guayaberas shirts. We got the payment and the shirts were shipped via priority mail international. Two weeks later his Guayabera shirts arrived in South Africa and here is the email he sent to us:

“Hi Alexis,

You may wonder why I come back to you so soon. Today I went to check with the post office and found my shirts there waiting for collection. Anyway, that’s not important. I was very much pleased with the quality and the neat work that is shown in the product.

I wish to say that the shirts are suitable for my daily life in many ways. Firstly they are formal enough for attending official gatherings in my work situation. Secondly, as a Durbanite they will make life easier because the place has warm to mild climate. In brief, the shirts are very good in terms of quality and standard. They are just a cut above the rest. Thank you very much for this product.

Mr. Mthembu, PhD”

Here are the guayabera shirts we shipped to Mr. Mthembu:


We are happy to serve customers like Mr. Mthembu in South Africa were he can enjoy these hard to get Guayabera shirt and Cuban shirts.


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      1. Hi..i love your shirts..how does one place an order and is there any discount when ordering in bulk..beautiful shirts indeed..thanks.

  1. looking for Cuban Guayabera Shirts white and dark Blue, XL how much each?

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