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What is Cuban coffee?


What is Cuban coffee?

Before Italian coffee makers Cubans used to brew their coffee using a wooden stand that held a cloth filter suspended above the coffee pot.  The ground coffee would be placed in the filter until it became saturated with the boiling water poured over it.  This form of coffee brewing is still in practice today in Cuba and in the Cuban exile community in Miami.

The espresso form of Cuban coffee

Cubans love their coffee so much they drink it in concentrated shots. Cuban coffee is a form of espresso coffee and got popular in Cuba after the arrival of the Italian coffee makers. The Cuban  style coffee is a darker coffee (darker roast of coffee) and many people believe results in a stronger tasting coffee.

Drinking Cuban coffee is also a social event, here in Miami you will find almost all Cuban or Latin food restaurants feature these coffee windows or “ventanas” where you can come by without entering the restaurant and order yourself a “shot” of coffee (cafecito). Don’t expect to get a regular cup of coffee instead, you will get your coffee in a tiny plastic cup or in more “fancy” terms, an espresso cup. It is also customary for people to come by the window and order a “colada”  which basically is a whole cup of espresso coffee to share with others, this is serve with about 8 tiny cups for sharing.

While ordering coffee you will find all your typical Miami characters hanging around the window having conversations about everything, these people can easily comment on last night’s shark attack week video or the most complex international events.

Mixing the Cuban coffee with equal parts of hot milk will result in a delicious drink they call “cortadito” or if mixed with more milk it will be called “cafe con leche” coffee and milk.

Here at mycubanstore.com we carry a line of coffee as well as a line of stove top Italian coffee maker for those of you who would like to enjoy this type of Coffee at home. We also found an interesting how to video that represents and teaches you the correct way to make Cuban coffee:

Last but not least I want to let you Ralphie May’s explanation of Cuban Coffee:



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