April 15

Why a Linen Suit for your Beach, Destination Wedding?


Well!. Chances are that if you choose a Tropical or Beach Destination Wedding, it’s going to be HOT!!!………. And the Linen fabric is the ideal and best suitable fabric for such a climate related event.

The Wedding Day is about your bride and how beautiful and special she needs and wants to feel. Her dress will be the main attraction, but you the Groom need to complete her perfect picture…. You must choose the right attire.

Linen it’s been around for hundreds of centuries and their textiles are the oldest in the world. It was considered a clean and a very pure fabric to wear back in the ancient times.

Today, Linen still is contemplated with the same respect and praiseworthy. It’s attributes to the way linen it’s able to withstand the warm weather climates is incredible.

First, is a very resistant and strong fabric? Linen is among the strongest of the vegetables fabrics, made of the flax plant. Second, it’s very valuable because it will keep you extremely cool and fresh in hot weather. Is a highly absorbent and a great conductor of heat.

Third, a main staple of this wonderful fabric is its ability to wrinkle. It has a natural luster and is a sharp and crisp fabric. Actually, its wrinkle characteristic is what gives Linen its Charm and Charisma…. and last, but not least its casual elegance and sophistication it bestows in the Linen Suit.

The Linen Suit will not only compliment your Bride’s gorgeous gown, but it will keep you cool, comfortable and you can take it along in your honeymoon as well.

Wear as a suit or just wear the jacket as a sport jacket or may be the pants with a nice Guayabera or Wedding shirt. For the men attending or involved in a Destination, Tropical or Beach Wedding the attire is very casual and versatile. The best part is that you can wrinkle all you want and still look great.

The Linen Suit can be purchase already made or have one custom made. Nowadays, the suits custom made can be as inexpensive as the ones’ from the rack.

When choosing the color, the lighter colors are best suited for a Beach or Destination Wedding. Usually the Bride will determine the color of the suit for the Groom and the Groomsmen. And, when deciding the footwear sandals or huaraches, loafers, leather flip flops or strapped sandals will be the perfect touch to your Linen Suit.

The Linen Suit will forever be a fashionable and casually elegant piece of clothing for men. And because of all of its strong characteristics it will keep being the best and ideal attire for the Groom and the Groomsmen and wedding party to wear to Destination, Tropical and Beach Weddings.

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