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About the Clerical Guayabera shirt.


What is a guayabera shirt? The guayabera shirt is a shirt created in Cuba trendy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Guayaberas are unique shirts. Guayaberas have four pockets, pleated lines, and is worn untucked. The guayabera shirt was born in the tropics; therefore, their main feature is comfort. In these shirts, you will always have breathing room.

The guayabera is a traditional shirt that originated in Cuba. Since Cuba is a tropical country, the Guayabera shirt evolved to be worn untucked. The guayabera shirt is a great comfortable shirt for summer.

Easy to Wear, Easy to care for.

The guayabera shirt is lightweight, fresh, and easy to care for. The main goal of this shirt is comfortable, and this is what you get. A combination of cotton and polyester is blended to archive a balanced approach. Too much cotton and you will have to Iron more; too much polyester and the fabric may be hot.

The fabric composition of these Clerical guayaberas is 65% Polyester and 35% cotton. The overall result is a lightweight fabric that won't stick to your body or makes you hot in summer with the benefit of not needing to iron.

Four front pockets on a shirt may look overkill, but they are other clothing items with similar features, such as Safari jackets. Our experience, these shirts are comfortable and one of a kind. The pockets are one of the main factors that makes them so unique.

Typical Guayabera Shirt Design

Typical Guayabera Shirt Design

Fits well and is more comfortable than any tuck-in shirt, especially in the hot and humid South Carolina summer! I've bought two and will recommend to my colleagues!

Lutheran Clergy Reviewer

Clerical Guayabera available for Roman or Anglican collars. 

Clerical tab collar guayabera

The guayabera clerical shirt has an appealing look; for example, you get the traditional guayabera shirt style and can do either a tab collar or a full collar design, looking just as you will expect on a clergy shirt.

Been an untucked clerical shirt makes a huge difference and our customers love it!.

Very good quality and comfortable. I have several and liked them so much I purchased this one for a friend who was always asking where I had gotten mine.

Deacon Dale

We designed this clerical guayabera shirt to fit and work with the tab collar (Roman Collar) and full collar (Anglican collar).

We did the tab collar function by creating an opening on the collar to slide a clerical plastic to archive the roman collar look as for the Anglican collar the shirt features two button openings on the front and one the back to accommodate for these full collars.

Anglican collar guayabera

Clerical Guayabera shirt sizes.

For a clerical guayabera shirt, the collar size is essential. Since these are button-up shirts, it may feel uncomfortable if the right size is not selected. There are many ways to address this issue. For one, you can order your size based on the collar measurements.

Collar size for the clerical guayabera: S- 15, M-16, L-17, XL-18, 2X-18 3/4, 3X-19, 4X-21

We measure these shirts from the exact point where the button is to the middle of the buttonhole (see Image); this means that there is at least 1/2 inch wiggle room on every size. In other words, you can move the button to gain that extra inch need it.

Clerical Guayabera Measurements

Clerical Guayabera Measurements

Using a collar extender will also make it easy to wear a button-up collar shirt. Most importantly, the collar extender will stretch. Therefor will give you some extra space to make the shirt more comfortable.

Different denominations are wearing clerical guayabera shirts. Our guayaberas are popular with Deacons, ministers, pastors, Catholic Fathers, as well as spiritual leaders on the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran traditions. 

Clergy guayaberas short & long sleeve.

You can order our Clergy Guayabera shirt in short or long sleeves. The short sleeve clergy guayabera shirt is the most popular of the clergy shirts we sell, and this is because the shirts are light and great for summer. Our clerical customers buy the shirt with this season in mind.

A long sleeve guayabera is considered formal attire in many Latin American and Caribbean countries and Miami. The long-sleeve clerical guayabera shirt looks great, and its also a customer favorite.


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