About the Clerical Guayabera shirt.

About the Clerical Guayabera shirt.

The clergy guayabera shirts are a great addition to our production. This shirt is designed for the clerical customer with a “tab collar. The guayabera shirt is made with a high collar. For instance, the shirt has an opening on the front where the customer can slide a white tab, made from plastic.

Tab Collar Clerical Guayabera

This style of collar its one of the most popular nowadays since it is easy to care for. The guayabera shirts maintain their traditional details and offer a comfortable untucked shirt that’s comfortable and elegant.

The guayabera is a traditional shirt that originated in Cuba. Been a tropical country the shirt has to evolve to be worn untucked. The guayabera shirt is a great comfortable shirt for summer.

Clerical Guayabera shirt sizes.

For a clerical guayabera shirt, the collar size is important. The shirt is worn with a button-up collar and if the right size it’s not selected it may feel uncomfortable.

There are many ways to address this issue. For one, you can order your size based on the collar measurements. Here is the sizing for the Mycubanstore Clerical Guayabera shirt.

Collar size for the clerical guayabera:

S- 15, M-16, L-17, XL-18, 2X-18 3/4, 3X-19, 4X-21

What to do if you are 1/2 size on the collar or bigger?

The measurement shown is taken from where the button is located on the collar (see image ) to the middle of the button whole. This means on every size there is at least 1/2 inch wiggle room. In other words you can simply move the button to gain that extra inch need it.

Actual measurement of the clerical guayabera collar on a size small.

For example, we lay down the size small tab collar clerical guayabera. Subsequently and as you can see even if the measurements for the small reads 15, there is still plenty of space. As a result, you may move the button closer to the border and gain those extra inches if you need them.

The collar extender.

Collar Extender

Using a collar extender will also make it easy wearing a button-up collar shirt. Most importantly, the collar extender will stretch therefor will give you some extra space to make the shirt more comfortable.

Who is wearing the clerical guayaberas?

Cleric from different denominations are wearing clerical guayabera shirts. Deacons, ministers, pastors, catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran traditions. On the other hand many Pentecostal and non-denominational Protestants, and others do wear cleric guayabera shirts.

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